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Game And Nature Reserve

The Srebarna Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in northeastern Bulgaria, near the village of the same name, 18 km west of Silistra and 2 km south of the Danube. It comprises Lake Srebarna and its surroundings and is located on the Via Pontica, a bird migration route between Europe and Africa. Phone: +359 86 772 469 Website

Dobrich Zoo is the first licensed zoo in Bulgaria. It is located in Dobrich, Bulgaria. It houses over 100 animals from 40 species. The zoo is founded under a Bulgarian-Swiss project in 2003. It has a land area of 16 hectares, 50-year-old vegetation and a convenient access. Website

Belite Brezi, is a natural reserve in Rhodopes. The reserve is located 30 km from the town of Kardzhali and 6km from the town of Ardino. This is one of the places with the most developed tourism in the area. On the territory of the reserve was built holiday house with a total capacity of about 250 beds.

Sofia Zoo in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was founded by royal decree on 1 May 1888, and is the oldest and largest zoological garden in southeastern Europe. It covers 36 hectares and, in March 2006, housed 4,850 animals representing 840 species. Website

Stara Reka meaning Old river is one of the nine nature reserves in the Central Balkan National Park in central Bulgaria.  Stara Reka was established on 19 March 1981 to protect the unique ecosystems of the Balkan Mountains. It spans an area of 1974.7 hectares, or 19.747km2.

Plovdiv Zoo is a zoo located in Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv. The zoo in has been closed to the public since July 24, 2008, as it does not meet the requirements for housing and keeping of wild animals. As of 2015 there is a project to reopen the zoo. Address: bul. “6-ti septemvri” 6, 4002 Otdih I Kultura, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Varna Zoo is located in the heart of the Sea Garden in Varna and is a favourite place for kids and adults. It is neighbouring the Dolphinarium and the Museum of Natural History. The first animals in the zoo were the bear ‘Maxim’, a gift from sailors of the minesweeper “G. Dimitrov” in 1956, and the red deer ‘Longos’. Address: 9010 Primorski, Varna, Bulgaria Website

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